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Kabel (draad) RVS 316 specificatie

Mooie partij kabel (draad) in AISI 316 – totaal ca. 16.700 KG – uit voorraad leverbaar   Interesse? neem contact op met Kiko Belhadj

Diameter Omschrijving Hoeveelheid meters
12,7mm 1 x 19  INOX  AISI 316 DRT                                 1.000
16,0mm 1 x 19  INOX  AISI 316 DRT                                    259
18,0mm 6 x 36 + A.A  DRT 1X                                    989
2,5mm 7 x 19 A.A. DRT 1X                              30.080
3,0mm 7 x 19 A.A. DRT 1X                            233.500
3,0mm 7 x 7 A.A. DRT 1X                            132.000
4,0 / 6,0mm 1x 19 1X + PVC  Blanc                                1.000
8,0 / 12,0mm 7 x 7 IX +PVCGRIS                                2.000

Are you looking for stainless steel pipes, plates, fittings, flanges, coils or bars?

We trade various stainless steel semi-finished products such as pipes, plates, fittings, flanges, coils and bar steel. These are often leftover batches that arise from a surplus of production by a manufacturer or part of a stock that has been used for projects. These remnants are often also available with a material certificate.

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Are you looking for 1st choice (new) stainless steel pipes, plates, fittings, flanges, coils, bar steel or other products, visit the Paul Meijering Stainless Steel website. Inoxdeals is the outlet department, where you can find an excellent alternative in terms of stainless steel (or aluminum). The remaining batches can be used for orders with, for example, plasma or laser cutting. Customization, which we can also provide for you in-house.

By buying leftover batches you immediately help to recycle and often used materials can also be used very well for various assignments and projects. Corporate social responsibility therefore starts with Inoxdeals.

You can buy your materials cheaper with us. More stainless steel for less euros.

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