The team

Who are you in contact with?

The Inoxdeals team is happy to help you. If you have a question about pipes, plates or a batch, please contact our sales staff. On request they can send you more information such as photos or additional information. Every day they send consignments of materials to various regular customers all over the world and arrange the necessary export documents.

Gerard Tegelaar Inoxdeals
Kudy de Baar Inoxdeals
Johan caspers Inoxdeals
Özlem Karakus Inoxdeals
Paul Meijering Kiko Belhadj

Gerard Tegelaar


Tel. +31 (0)418 726624

Judy de Baar

Sales assistant

Tel. +31 (0)418 726625

Johan Caspers

Head of sales

Tel. +31 (0)418 726623

Özlem Karakus


Tel. +31 (0)418 576066

Kiko Belhadj


Tel. +31 (0)418 576060